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What is NH Pay?

Empower secure transactions with NH Pay, where trust is our foundation. Experience peace of mind in every exchange, thanks to our unwavering commitment to security. Redefine the way you transact, with confidence as your constant companion

How it works


Create an account

Download the app & create an account


Initiate a transaction

Create a new payment by entering vendor’s details


Seller sends product

Vendor is notified of your payment & goes ahead to fulfill order


NH Pay releases funds to the seller

NH releases funds to vendor after successful delivery

Enjoy ease and say goodbye to fradulent transactions with NH Pay

Empower secure transactions with NH Pay, where trust is our foundation. Experience peace of mind in every exchange,

Ease of use

NH Pay makes account setup a breeze—just seconds to download the app, create, and start transacting

Tracked delivery

NH Pay allows both buyers and sellers to monitor the package's progress every step of the way.

Risk free transactions

With your funds secured throughout the transaction you can rest easy when dealing with strangers.


NH Pay ensures transparent transactions, keeping both parties informed about status & next steps to eliminate ambiguity.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is NH Pay?

NH Pay, is an escrow service, that facilitates secure online transactions for vendors and buyers. It enables vendors to receive payment before delivery, ensuring customer trust, and allows customers to pay upfront with confidence in the safety of their money.

How much does NH Pay charge?

NH charges you 1.5% of the total amount you are paying to the vendor as a transaction fee.

How does NH Pay work?

After agreeing price and delivery fees with any online vendor, you need to pay with the NH app to enjoy the payment protection. To pay with NH Pay, follow these easy steps: Download the app from either Google play store or Apple store Create an account Click on “make a payment” Enter the details(phone number and bank details) of the vendor and complete the transaction The vendor will be notified of your payment, and he or she will get the money deposited into their account after you get your product.

Can I reuse the vendor bank account details I used in paying a merchant on the NH Pay app?

No. The account details can only be used once and are specific to that transaction only. You will get another set of account details when you want to make another transaction.

Do vendors have to download the app & create an account before they receive payments on NH Pay?

No, vendors don’t need to download or sign up to use the platform. Vendors can refer their buyers to pay using NH Pay to add more credibility and trust to their business operations

Say goodbye to fraudulent transactions